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Why is Early Detection important when it comes to Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs can lay one to five eggs in a day and more than 500 in a lifetime.


Bed bugs can survive for several months without eating


Bed bugs hatchlings are so small they can pass through a stitch-hole in a mattress.


Bed bugs are found in all 50 U.S. states

What Bed Bug treatment options do we offer?


We always employ industrial strength vacuums because bed bugs have the incredible ability to cling to fabric and wedge themselves in the tightest and tiniest cracks and crevices.


We apply effective steam treatment through repeated and very thorough steaming of all areas of your home where bed bugs are detected including baseboards, furniture and bedding, and carpets and curtains.


Our spray treatments involve multiple products that kill bed bugs. We also have organic options for customers who are concerned for their pets and children.


Originally developed and utilized in Europe, freezing is the newest and most effective treatment to kill bed bugs.

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